Lenovo has successfully sold more than two lakh K3 Note smartphones in its weekly flash sales, which started last month. The Chinese tech giant stands strong in the budget-smartphone space as its successful line-up offers one of the best selling handsets in the market. The demand for K3 Note doesn't seem to fade away as 5 August flash sale is just a reminder that Lenovo continues to impress more and more consumers as days pass.

On Facebook, Lenovo confirmed that it sold 62,000 units of K3 Note smartphone during Wednesday's flash sale. The number indicates the sold inventory for both black and white handsets available separately at 12pm and 3pm, respectively. As it appears, Lenovo increased the inventory on the Black K3 Note smartphones as it confirmed on Twitter that 56,000 units of the dark shade were sold.

Lenovo did not specifically mention how many units of White K3 Notes were sold, but the calculation is quite simple looking at the two posts on Facebook and Twitter, which suggests only 6,000 White K3 Note handsets were on sale on 5 August. The Chinese tech giant is yet to give a clearer detail of the sale, including how long the sale actually lasted.

However, Lenovo surprised us with some great news as it confirmed an open sale for K3 Note on 10 and 11 August. The sale will be exclusively hosted by Flipkart, as it continues to remain Lenovo's official online partner for selling select models.

In an open sale, interested buyers will not be asked to register in advance, which is a common practice in flash sales. On the day of sale, buyers can directly go to Flipkart and click on the Buy button to purchase the K3 Note. Given the demand for K3 Note, we can expect there will be limited quantities and will be served on a first-come first-serve basis.

Since the open sale will be conducted on Monday and Tuesday, next flash sale will be hosted on Flipkart on Wednesday, for which registrations are expected to open on 5 August at 6pm.