"LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is the latest action-adventure video game from developer TT Fusion that features the LEGO theme, released on June 28 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

"LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is not different from the earlier LEGO video games apart from the fact that this game offers new systems called Multi-Builds, which let players access new building options. It features Blaster Battles, where players can take cover and attack enemies.

Other important feature includes the addition of several playable characters like Rey, Finn, Captain Phasma, Poe Dameron, Han Solo, Kylo Ren and droids like C-3PO and BB-8. The game also includes new locations like Jakku and Starkiller Base.

Gaming blog Gamepur has shared a list of character cheat codes that would help players unlock characters, vehicles and several new options that is available in this game.

Here is the guide to the list of character cheat codes:

In "LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens," players receive several new characters, out of which some of them are unlocked from the start and rest are eventually unlocked as players finish a story mode or by purchasing the characters. The character cheat codes let a player have all the characters instantly, without having to go through the game progression.

NOTE: Players will have to insert cheat codes in the "Extras" screen if they want to unlock a character. Pause the game and add the cheat codes in the "Extras" screen.

  • Caluan Ematt - 26F2CF
  • Cheif Petty Officer Unamo - 2DZXDM
  • FN-2112 -4T3UNK
  • FN-2187(Helmetless) - 3RRVAV
  • GTAW-74(Geetaw) - 2YU4NX
  • Special Forces TIE Pilot - 59J67X
  • Trentus Savay - 638FNX
  • Kaydel Ko Connix - 9FJKF4
  • Quinar - A4EHFJ
  • Monn Tatth - A5JR9V
  • R-3PO - BEMT2T
  • Dasha Promenti - BJZA6F
  • Crokind Shand - BQPKPA
  • Guavian Security Soldier - C73CNV
  • Teedo - CP6ETU
  • Hobin Carsamba - E889GQ
  • Mi'no Teest - GBE8ZC
  • Officer Sumistu - GVNBWB
  • Snap Wexley - HTN3RD
  • Wollivan - J3GMHE
  • Oskus Stooratt -K6JXJT
  • Flametrooper - LRYUBB
  • Korr Sella - NGSEKH
  • Nien Nunb - P8KXSA
  • Major Brance - Q8KRC6
  • B-U4D - QLLJXD
  • Goss Toowers - QZTZX9
  • Jessika Pava - SBUSCW
  • Hoogenz - V3H6RU
  • R2-Q5 - VVVSEA
  • Lieutenant Bastian - XQZ7C6
  • Unkar Thug – YABPYU

Guide to Character Abilities and Classes

"LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens" offers several new unlockable characters and these characters are divided into different classes with each one possessing unique abilities. However, the abilities and classes restrict characters.

It must be noted that the abilities and classes bring limitations and restriction to characters as revealed in this guide to character abilities and classes, thanks to this guide from Gamepur.

NOTE: Players need to note that not all the characters are given the authority or access to accept quests. Nevertheless all the characters are made available in Normal and Free Play mode.


Astromech Droid

The character in this class has Astromech access to perform different functions.


The character in this class can only jump along with rotary controls and launch pads.

Bounty Hunter

It is equipped with jetpacks and always ready to hunt bounty. Jetpacks can be used to reach higher platforms and for exploration.

First Order

Characters here have access to the First Order Terminal and can accept the First Order quest.

Protocol Droid

Characters here have protocol access terminals that unveil mysterious patterns. They can also speak in multiple languages.


This character can access the Resistance Terminal and accept the Resistance quest.


The characters here accept the quest that is not accessible for others.



Ability to swing between twirl poles, double jump at the longer distances and climb wall covers. They can also wall-run, but only on the platforms marked by white and orange arrows.


Ability to open the Dive pool for usage.

Charge Up

GNK-143 and BB-8 can connect to power jacks to restore their machines.


This can only be ordered to troops of same class.

Cracked LEGO

Demolishes any cracked LEGO brick to reveal the other side.

Dark Side Force Powers

Dark Side Characters can manipulate all the objects that sparkle with energy except the green glowing objects.

Force Choke

Dark Side characters force attack can hold the target place and either it can be thrown at the enemy or into an object.

Force Freeze

Freezing ability on Dark Side character Force Attacks.

Force Lightning

Dark Side characters Force Attack can harm the target while allowing you to move around.


Rapid fire weapons overheat or indestructible gold LEGO brick cause them to explode.

Grapple Gun

Used to target and grapple handles for variety of benefits.


Allows the character to hover an additional distance after jumping.


A character can aim at the target out of range along with blaster or throw melee weapons.

Silver LEGO

This ability can destroy objects built from silver LEGO bricks.

Small Access

Characters with small build can crawl through access hatches to reach hidden areas.


The Melee Weapon doubles as both a lever for spinner switches and a twirl pole in empty sockets


Call for new Strong character to make the path or position objects


Use the Flamethrowers to melt the frozen bricks and ice.