In the season finale episode of "The Leftovers", titled "I Live Here Now", it seems Miracle will face an unexpected threat while chaos erupts near the bridge where Meg (Liv Tyler) is imprisoned.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, John is sceptical of Kevin's revelation about the night Evie disappeared. Meanwhile, the fourth anniversary of The Departure brings an unexpected threat to Miracle.

The episode will show what Meg, the Guilty Remnant Leader, plans for the fourth anniversary of the Sudden Departure.

Hidden Remote has said the previous episode showed how twisted and dark Meg's character is. The plan may have to do something with the rest of the people of Miracle who don't remember much about The Departure that happened on 14 October four years ago.

According to the website, viewers will also discover that Evie (Jasmin Savoy Brown), John (Kevin Carroll), and Erika Murphy's (Regina King) missing daughter are still alive and are members of the Guilty Remnant cult.

John can't stop suspecting Kevin's (Justin Theroux) involvement and it seems that his suspicion will continue in the finale episode too.

In the previous episode titled "Ten Thirteen", Meg's mother died on the day before The Departure, setting off a chain of emotional ramifications, leading to her current state of mind.

She and her husband journeyed to Jarden in search of answers from Isaac, but she didn't like what she heard. While returning, she bumped into Evie who was shocked to see her.

Elsewhere, Tom grew tired of his holy ruse and reached out to Meg. Back to the present day, Meg and Tom move back to Jarden where Meg decided to go on a self-proclaimed mission of a lifetime.

Tom found Evie and her two missing friends, holed up in an airstream travel trailer.