In the latest episode of "The Leftovers" titled "Orange Sticker," it seems Patti Levin will be back to haunt Kevin Garvey.

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The New York Post mentioned that Patti (Ann Dowd), will make a comeback in Episode 4 of Season 2 even though she was confirmed dead in Season 1.

Patti will appear as a ghost whom only Kevin can see and interact with. She will appear in the episode when the town of Miracle will be hit by an earthquake.

"I'm not sure she knows what she's doing there," Dowd said, "Her suicide was not a mistake. She is present in Kevin's life. She provokes him. She messes with him. They work in tandem. When she's steady, he's askew. When he's not afraid, she loses her footing."

Besides, TV Series Finale has reported that there are going to be a lot more seasons of "The Leftovers" in the coming episode.

In an interview with Assignment X, Damon Lindelof, creator of the show, discussed possibilities of Season 3 and what will happen to the show in future.

Lindelof said that HBO is interested enough in his ideas to get the show several renewals.

Lindelof further explained that he has taken inspiration from Vince Gilligan and shows like "Lost," planning an extensive, overall arc and improvising minor plot points along the way.

He also mentioned that for the show, he has decided to take a slightly different approach.

"I'm much more comfortable saying, 'We're going to take it one episode at a time.' The collaborative nature of the show, the other writers, the directors, certainly the actors all have a fair amount of input, but we watch what they do and it inspires us," Lindelof said.

"But I do think that, particularly when we told HBO that we wanted to move the show geographically in its second season, they were like, 'Is this something that you're going to do every year?' Like, 'Is it going to be 'The Wire,' where Season 2 is the docks and then Season 3 is Amsterdam and season 4 is the school and Season 5 is the press?' And we essentially had to say to them, 'Well, if there was a Season 3, it would probably be this.'"

It seems the story is going to be more interesting in the upcoming episodes as further seasons of "The Leftovers" have been announced.