Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho will be holding a fan meeting for two days in Seoul from February 18.Reuters

One of the many downsides of being a celebrity is the amount of hate one receives. And it seems as if Korean star Lee Min-ho's agency MYM Entertainment is taking internet trolls quite seriously. The latest news suggests that the actor's label is more than ready to take legal action against those who are spreading malicious rumours about the "Bounty Hunters" star.

The reason behind MYM Entertainment's aggressive approach is not yet known, but the company simply stated that it would take action based on the evidence it has collected online. However, the company didn't mention which website or portals have been attacking the actor. Furthermore, MYM Entertainment didn't mention what kinds of comments have been made against the "Boys over Flowers" star.

Recently, there have been many rumours about Lee and his girlfriend Suzy Bae's relationship. Several fans believe that the couple has broken up after dating each other for 17 months. Most of the speculations have risen from the fact that the "Gangnam Blues" star and the miss A singer haven't been seen together for a while.

"Taking advantage of freedom of speech and anonymity to hurt others through writing is assault and considered a cyber crime. To protect our artists and help create a wholesome internet culture, we will be taking action without settlement or leniency and do whatever we can to make sure the perpetrators are punished accordingly," Soompi published an excerpt from MYM Entertainment's statement.

While the 29-year-old actor is dealing with the trolls on the internet, his latest film, "Bounty Hunters" has been received well by fans. According to another report on Soompi, the Chinese film reportedly broke box office records in China, grossing 9 billion won ($7.8 million) on the first day.

"Bounty Hunters" is set to release in other countries such as Australia, England  Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.