The fans of the popular South Korean couple, Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae, might get a chance to watch them share screen space with if actress Sung Yuri succeeds in making a television drama with the two in lead roles.

While sharing a few details about her to the viewers of popular KBS show "Happy Together 3", the former Fin KL member spoke about her plans to make a Korean drama casting "Gangnam Blues" star and his ex-girlfriend.

The 34-year-old actress revealed that the title of the drama is "She Was Pretty" and she is planning to cast Min Ho and Suzy Bae in lead roles due to their mass appeal, according to Soompi.

The actress even said that she considers the Miss A singer as her rival and said, "The rival in my heart is Suzy. She's unbeatable. I want to become her rival, and that's why I'm going around saying stuff like this."

However, Yuri is not the first person from the entertainment industry to talk about the mass appeal of the South Korean couple. Several advertisement companies have already revealed that they have earned a huge profit after the young couple officially admitted to their relationship, and hence production companies also might want to invest in the duo.

Earlier, a representative from an advertisement company informed that there was a damage compensation clause for dating or marriage in the past. But now the relationships are not always viewed negatively due to a change in public perception and trends.

However, some admirers of Min Ho and Suzy Bae believe that if the couple portrays romance onscreen, the viewers will have a tendency to relate it with their real life. So it remains to be seen if the "Gangnam Blues" star and his ladylove will share screen with each other in Yuri's new television drama.