It's been less than a year since the two stars officially announced their relationship to fans and the media. Lee Min ho and Suzy Bae are inseparable. So much so that fans are wondering if the "Gangnam Blues" star will give his girlfriend acting tips when she stars in a new drama with Kim Woo Bin. 

A few months ago, Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin were confirmed to star in an upcoming Korean drama titled, "Uncontrollably Fond," scheduled to be aired in early 2016. In a recent interview, the miss A singer was asked if her boyfriend will play a pivotal role in it and share his expertise and knowledge of acting with her. 

Suzy replied that she hasn't discussed her upcoming project with Lee Min Ho. "We haven't started filming the drama yet. I'm slowly starting to prepare for my role," she said. 

In "Uncontrollably Fond," the singer will play the role of a documentary producer, who fights for justice, until she is faced with an ugly truth about life, reported Soompi.  

The miss A singer is busy promoting her new film, "The Sound of a Flower" scheduled to release this month.