"Gangnam Blues" star Lee Min Ho and Miss A member Suzy Bae have been one of the most talked about Korean celebrity couples for the past few months, but the South Korean actor's on-screen chemistry with YG Entertainment trainee Kim Jisoo recently captured the attention of Netizens.

The on-screen partners were appreciated by several social media users after few photos of the two were uploaded on micro-blogging site Pann. The images were posted under the title, "Suzy Not Permitted To Click".

While many of them praised the 28-year-old actor for his charming looks, some of them stated that the couple looks good together. Few of the social media users even discussed about the Miss A singer's jealously towards YG Entertainment trainee.

Here are some of the messages from fans according to Koreaboo:

His charming appeals are showing through this fall pictorial

I even get jealous looking at these photos but I wonder how Suzy feels? Hahaha

They look so good together hahahaha

Minho, you are not cheating on our Suzy right??

The South Korean actor and Miss A singer's relationship first hit headlines after the two were spotted together in London. Later, both the celebs admitted the relationship through their representatives.

Currently, the couple is busy with their individual projects and its promotional activities. The filming of Min Ho's upcoming action thriller movie, titled "Bounty Hunters", will reportedly begin this month in various Asian countries, including China, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand.

On the other hand, the Miss A singer turned down the offer to play the female lead in an upcoming television drama. "Suzy has received an offer to appear in tvN's new drama 'Cheese In the Trap' and after examining the role carefully, she politely declined," AllKpop quoted her agency JYP Entertainment.