"Gangnam Blues" star Lee Min Ho has been actively taking part in the promotional activities of Korean tourism, after he was appointed the public ambassador by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism last week.

In the promotional video, the 27-year-old talks about the major tourist attraction of the country, such as Samcheong-dong, Seochon and Seoul's Cheonggyecheon Stream. 

The young actor said that it was a great opportunity for him to promote the beauty of this east Asian nation. "I hope this will work as a trigger to revive the current recession in Korea's tourist industry," he added, according to Inquirer.

The clip is produced by popular advertisement makers Wayne Peng and Park Myung-cheon and will be telecast in several countries, including China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the United States, through various broadcasting channels.

"We're going to launch an aggressive ad campaign that can induce residents of major foreign countries to visit to achieve an early recovery of the local tourism market mired in a slump due to the spread of [Middle East Respiratory Syndrome] MERS," The Korea Observer quoted a ministry official.

Meanwhile, the filming of Min Ho's upcoming action thriller movie titled "Bounty Hunters" will reportedly begin this month in various Asian countries, including China, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. However, the shooting dates are yet to be revealed, and hence fans will have to wait a little longer for more updates on it.

The actor will portray a charming, intelligent and skilled martial artist in the film directed by "My Girlfriend Is an Agent" fame director Shin Tae Ra. It is co-produced by Harmony Entertainment, Starhaus Entertainment production and Pegasus Motion Pictures.

The action thriller will revolve around the hunt for a hotel bomber and the initial budget set for the movie is 35 billion won, which is around US$31 million.