South Korean actor Lee Min Ho has millions of followers in India and they have uploaded a video on YouTube requesting him to hold a fan meeting in the country.

The footage, titled "Lee Min Ho - Mission India", was uploaded on 8 August, with the message: "This is a sincere request to lee min ho from his Indian minoz to visit india and meet them...lmh oppa please visit india..."

The five-minute-14-second-long video begins with the voice over, "Don't you know that millions of Indian fans are waiting for you from past 5-6 years? Let us assume that you don't know."

The fan-made footage also shows many of his female followers from various parts of the country requesting him to visit India. 

The Indian followers of the South Korean actor even created a community page, titled "Lee Min Ho Please Visit India", on Facebook on 5 August and it has received more than 11,000 likes. 

Min Ho has a huge fan base in many Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong and Thailand. He is known for his roles in television drama "Boys Over Flowers", popular movie "Gangnam Blues" and music video "My Everything".

The celeb is currently busy filming his upcoming Korean movie "Bounty Hunters" along with some of the most popular Asian celebrities.

The action thriller is likely to focus on the hunt for a hotel bomber and the 27-year-old will portray a very intelligent, charming and skilled martial artist.

Watch Lee Min Ho - Mission India below: