Update, 4:09 pm: The Islamic State group is "definitely" behind the bomb blasts and gun attacks in Jakarta, Indonesian police said on Thursday, Reuters reported.

Isis also claimed responsibility for the attacks that killed several people, including Indonesian police. Isis carried out attack "targeting foreign nationals and security forces", Reuters cited Islamic State-allied news agency.

Update, 3:29 pm: A group in Solo, Java, with suspected links with the Islamic State group was behind Thursday's attack in Jakarta, Deputy police chief Budi Gunawan said.

He said the militant group supported Isis and was also in contact with the extremist group in Syria, BBC reported.

The group had planned to launch a "huge bomb concert" on New Year's Eve, "But because the Indonesian police had anticipated that threat by deploying tight security on New Year's Eve, the group launched this attack today", Gunawan said.

Update, 2:23 pm: The bomb and gun attacks ended in Central Jakarta where several people were reportedly killed on Thursday, the Indonesian police said. 

There is no official confirmation on the number of deceased and injured people yet. 

Update, 2:05 pm: The situation in Central Jakarta that was rocked by multiple bomb blasts and gun attacks on Thursday was brought "under control", Indonesian security chief said.

"Everything under control now," Reuters quoted the chief as saying.

The lockdown of the United Nations office near the site of explosions will be lifted soon, Jeremy Douglas -- the Regional Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime -- said in a tweet.

 Update, 1:10 pm: Four of the 14 suspected militants who launched bomb and gun assault in Central Jakarta on Thursday were arrested, according to reports.

Earlier, reports suggested that four others were killed in the gunfight.

Update, 1:07 pm: All Starbucks stores in Jakarta have been closed until further notice after bomb blast was reported at one of its cafes at the centre of the Indonesian capital, the American coffeehouse chain announced.

"Initial reports are that an explosion took place close to our store in the Skyline building near one of these police posts... This store and all other Starbucks stores in Jakarta will remain closed, out of an abundance of caution, until further notice," Starbucks statement said.

"One customer sustained injuries and was treated on the scene; our partners (employees) are all confirmed to be safe," it added.

Update, 12:02 pm: The Indonesian intelligence reportedly dismissed the reports of suspected involvement of the Islamic State group.

"This is definitely terrorism, but there are no indications yet that it's Isis related," Reuters quoted Sutiyoso, the Director of the State Intelligence Agency, as saying.

Four suspected attackers were reportedly killed in Jakarta.

Update, 11:34 am: Indonesian President Joko Widodo condemned the attacks in Jakarta and asked his citizens to not fear "acts of terror like this".

Widodo, who was in Java island, returned to Jakarta on Thursday after multiple blasts rocked the Indonesian capital, according to Reuters.

Some gunmen who carried out the bomb blasts in Central Jakarta on Thursday are reportedly hiding in a theatre.

Tanks have been deployed at the explosions and gunfire site in Jakarta.

Update, 11:27 am: Another explosion was reportedly heard from a cafe adjacent to Starbucks, where a blast had occurred earlier on Thursday. 

The United States Embassy in Jakarta has issued an advisory for its citizens, asking them to avoid areas around "Sari Pan Pacific Hotel and Sarinah Plaza on Jalan Sudirman Thamrin".

"Preliminary reports indicate an explosion and gunfire has occurred in the general vicinity and situation continues to unfold," the embassy message said.

Update, 10:37 am: The death toll in the explosions and gunfire near the United Unions office in central Jakarta on Thursday rose to 6, the Indonesia police spokesman reportedly said.

Three policemen and three civilians are among the dead, Reuters reported.

Update, 10:24 am: The explosions and gunfire near the United Nations office in Indonesian capital Jakarta is reportedly being carried out by 10 to 14 gunmen.

Update, 10:12 am: Another explosion was reported in West Jakarta suburb of Palmerah on Thursday.

Original Story

At least three people were reportedly killed in several explosions near the United Nations office in Central Jakarta, Indonesia, on Thursday.

The Indonesian police suspect one of the attacks to have been carried out by a suicide bomber, Reuters reported.

While one of the explosions took place at a Starbucks cafe, another was reported in front of Sarinah Mall -- a shopping centre in Central Jakarta.

"The Starbucks cafe windows are blown out. I see three dead people on the road. There has been a lull in the shooting but someone is on the roof of the building and police are aiming their guns at him," a Reuters photographer said.

Gunfire is underway at the site of the blasts.

A UN official tweeted that six bombs had exploded in the area. "Apparent suicide bomber literally 100m from the office and my hotel," Jeremy Douglas, the Regional Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, tweeted.

Douglas also said the UN office is under lock-down.

More details are awaited.