Patrick Corsino

Patrick Corsino is another example of rags to riches story. He has established his image in the corporate world with multiple businesses running under his name. He says it is his hard work and dedication to excel that allowed him to generate six figures in revenue for all his business. Given his success in his business ventures, he wants to give back to the world and help blooming startups gain traction, learning from his past experiences.

He attributes the success of his businesses to the quality of service he promises and delivers. One of the most critical factors in business is customer satisfaction. If they are satisfied with what your company offers and have a good relationship with them, you have earned yourself a loyal customer for life. Not compromising on what you claim to offer is the only key that will help you climb that ladder to success.

From this, he says that honesty and transparency matter the most in business. Although it might be tempting enough to showcase what people might want to hear despite your disability to provide that, he strongly advises against it. He adds that he was able to stand because he would "genuinely care about people" and how his honesty earned trust from people around him. Though his honesty might have been repelling at first, it was his genuine character that attracted people to what he had to offer. "In an industry where most people are looking to take advantage of others, I provide all my content for free and build real businesses that provide a service/value," he says.

He is an entrepreneur and a visionary who seeks to provide quality service without resorting to unfair practices. He believes that his true strength lies in his honesty. However, most importantly, he did what he knew he loved. It was something that played an essential role in his multiple business ventures.