google animal noises
google animal noisesScreenshot via Google Search

Reminiscent of Mattel's See 'n Say, a popular toy from the 90s that taught children the sounds different animals made, Google introduced a similar feature to its search. Available on desktop as well as mobile searches, Google displays a sound clip when a user searches for the sound a particular animal makes.

To use the feature, users can either key in the phrase, "What does (name of the animal) say?" or using voice search, ask the same question.

A brief Google+ post by Google Austria introduced the feature last month and reported that a total of 20 animals' sounds have been added. The sounds include monkey, cat, cow, duck, elephant, horse, lion, moose, owl, pig, raccoons, rooster, sheep, tiger, turkey, turtle, bowhead whale, humpback whale, wolf and zebra.

The post also mentions that users can search for "animal noises" to bring up the feature.

Each animal noise is accompanied by some endearing artwork and should keep kids (and adults) busy for a while.

All this still leaves one question unanswered though: What does the fox say?

Google search has been steadily adding to its list of Easter eggs and hidden features that ranging from the humourous to really useful. Some of our top picks include:


Googling the word "askew" typed into the search bar, the entire window tilts to the right.


From converting currencies to converting units from metric to imperial, users need to look no further than Google Search. The users simply need to enter "what they want convered" to "what they want converted to." To covert kilograms to pounds the search command will be "kg to pound."


Feel like taking a seven-minute nap at your desk? Just Google "timer" and a five-minute timer pops up. Click on it to change the duration and hit start. In seven minutes, Google will remind you to wake up. Just remember to plug your earphones in though.