Leaked video of Aansh Arora vandalising store
Leaked video of Aansh Arora vandalising storeInstagram

A video of TV actor Aansh Arora, who was under police custody for creating ruckus at a convenience store a few days ago, shows him destroying the shop's property.

While Aansh alleged that the Ghaziabad police wrongly arrested him, and even thrashed him in the lockup, the video shows him vandalising the store. According to the Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki actor, the scuffle had started over a hotdog order, which was getting delayed.

The actor had said that after he went to apologise to the store manager for his bad behaviour, he was arrested by the police, and was beaten black and blue in lockup. He has even filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission against Ghaziabad police, accusing them of wrongly beating him and his brother.

"I went to Shoprix mall, Ghaziabad on May 11, and I had ordered food. After the staff told me that there will be a delay in the food, I had asked them to cancel the order. The staff behaved rudely with me and we argued over it. I got really angry and broke a few items at the shop. But I felt really guilty about the whole incident, so on May 12, around 1.30-2am, I went to apologise to them. I told them that I'm ready to pay for the damage," he told Times of India.

"I don't understand why they took me to the police station and locked me up as if I were a criminal. The police took away our phones and didn't even allow us to inform our parents. There were around five-six cops who thrashed me inside the lock-up with their belts. The next day, at around 10.30 am, they took my brother to another room and beat him up. They even made me count from 1-40, and each time I reached 40, they hit me. In fact, they said, 'If you'll miss a number, you'll have to start again.' When we didn't reach home that night, our parents arrived at the same police station to file a missing person complaint, but the police misled them. However, after making inquiries our parents got to know that we were in the lock-up," Aansh added.

While the actor pleaded innocent, the police have a different story to tell, and denied the allegations of police atrocity. Police claimed that he not only destroyed store's property, but also got physical with a cop.

"When Aansh visited the store the day after the altercation, the store manager dialled 100 and a PCR van went to the spot. When the police confronted Aansh about his behaviour the preceding night,woh badtameezi karne laga, nakhun mare hain constables ko. After this, he was sent to preventive custody at the Indirapuram Police Station. His allegations of police brutality are absolutely baseless. He is doing this only to shield himself as there is proof of him creating a ruckus at the store, and breaking their monitors," Aparna Gautam, Circle Officer, Indirapuram told the publication.

Although the actor is now out on bail, the video certainly does not show him in good light. Watch the video below: