Filming of the second season of Starz' "Outlander" is currently underway in Scotland, and a few fans of the series have managed to take snaps of Sam Hueghan and Caitriona Balfe's Jamie and Claire.

One photo posted on Twitter shows Balfe wearing a long brown dress, which has been described as "absolutely gorgeous" by the fan. Another photo shows the actors kissing.

Check out the pictures below:

Season 2 of "Outlander" will take the couple to France, where Jamie has family, and will showcase their struggles as they continue to adapt to the society there. Things will be especially hard for Claire, who will struggle with the roles women play in French society.

Commenting on how Jamie and Claire will navigate their new lives in Paris, series creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore told TVLine that Jamie is much more comfortable there, as he has family, and he speaks the language.

"In a lot of ways, [Parisian society] is more familiar to him in certain ways than you would anticipate, because he is a laird in his own life, and he has lived in France, and he speaks the French language. It is a somewhat familiar culture to him. He does know his cousin, Jared, who runs a wine business, and he's been to this place. Claire also speaks French, and she's adapting in a different way, but she still struggles with the roles woman in these times, even in French society," Moore said.

Although season 2 will begin with the pair in France, Jamie and Claire will return to Scotland before the series ends. Regarding filming of the France portion of the series, executive producer Moore previously revealed in a tweet that the filming will take place in Scotland, the south of England and in Prague.