Xbox One
Leaked images reveal new dashboard features for Xbox One.Reuters

Microsoft is expected to roll out a new update in October with its new Xbox Experience, also called Xbox One dashboard.

Xbox preview subscribers are lucky people to get the new update before others and one of them, a Redditor, who goes by the name KIa-optima (via Gamepur), has thankfully shared some of the images to its members.

These leaked images showcase Microsoft plans for Xbox One's newest, "activity feed notification" that also features a new "keyboard."

He further revealed that users will now be able to retain older notifications or can opt to keep only those notifications open that the user wants to. Users will also be getting notifications on new followers who add you and their activity. But it is at the discretion of the user, to toggle on or off this feature.

He also assured users that the new Keyboard is "faster" and they need not worry about it being "laggy" like the previous one.

Many of the forum members were relieved that Microsoft is finally bringing some change on this front as the users wanted the notification centre to be quicker and instant; one member even compared it with Xbox 360's, which was quicker.

Meanwhile, Major Nelson aka Larry Hryb of Xbox announced that Xbox One's party chat will be getting bigger, such that it will now include 12 people against the earlier 8. He announced that this update will come through a server side update.

This update will also affect the Xbox App on Windows 10.