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Author and famous TV show host, Leah Remini has always remained extremely vocal when it comes to Scientology, of which she herself was an active member in the past. Over the years, she has talked about Tom Cruise and others. But earlier this week, she called out some major Scientologists by name over the Church's homophobia.

Ellen Page has recently called out to MCU star Chris Pratt for attending Hillsong Church, which she alleges is infamously anti LGBTQ. The host of Emmy Award-winning documentary series, Leah Remini responded to Ellen Page's recent post and even called out members of the Church of Scientology, including Katie Holmes' former husband, Tom Cruise, Michael Pena, and John Travolta.

In a tweet, Leah Remini has attached a previous blog post written by Mike Render, in which he asserted several things one of which is, "at its heart, Scientology IS very homophobic."

Apparently, this is not first the first time when Leah Remini has openly called out Tom Cruise and other members of the Church of Scientology. Back in November 2018, she alleged that Top Gun: Maverick movie star Cruise reportedly knows about all the abuse that goes on within the Church.

In an earlier interview, Remini alleged that Tom Cruise has reportedly administered punishment on a high-ranking member. She even asserted that Cruise is seen as some deity who is saving the world.

Leah Remini was once an ardent member of the Church of Scientology but left it in 2013. Ever since then, she is sharing her experiences through a documentary series.

Tom Cruise
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In addition to this, Leah Remini has recently talked about her friend Shelly who allegedly has not been seen in public for years. Shelly was once designated as Queen of Scientology but was banished in 2005 by her husband. Back in 2006, Remini questioned guests at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wedding about the whereabouts of Shelly.

Earlier on Sunday, she said that "'Shelly is fine, and she's alive.' ... That's the PR line. I don't believe that."

The Church of Scientology responded to Leah Remini's bold statement and told Page Six that "Leah Remini has been stalking Mr. and Mrs. Miscavige for years because of her psychotic obsession. It is time for her to stop."