"The League" season 7 continues to impress its fans with some more hilarious content, spilling out in episode 4, titled "Deflategate". While the last three episodes have kept the promise of surprising viewers with interesting cameos and awesome catchphrases and one-liners, this week's episode will give it's take on the much-publicised NFL controversy.

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To be fans of the fantasy football comedy on FXX, you need not be a great fan of the sport. The show is about five friends, who love the day they draft players for fantasy football teams. They care about each other, but to such an extent, that they actually end up making each other's lives miserable.

The show is also known to adapt and be inspired a lot by the real-life incidents, revolving around the sport. And it continues to do so in this week's episode, which is based on the NFL controversy – Deflategate.

While joking about how they tried hard to get Tom Brady to appear as the guest star on the episode, showrunner Jeff Schaffer said, "The NFL keeps giving us such great material. We address it in our own special 'League' way — with the implants of Frank 'The Body' Gibiatti's mail-order bride. You can imagine if you had Roger Goodell's speeches written by Ike Barinholtz, written by Frank 'The Body' Gibiatti."

"It's the Deflategate episode. 'The League' is just so fun to do because those guys are so great and it really is all improv and if you love improv like I do, it's so, so much fun," he added.

Plot synopsis of "Deflategate" reads:

Andre gets sued by Frank "The Body" Gibbiati and Jenny gets relationship advice from Green Bay wide receiver Randall Cobb.

"The League" season 7, episode 4 titled 'Deflategate' will be aired on 30 September, on FXX at 10PM.