"The League" kicked off with its latest season on 9 September. And the premiere of this fantasy football comedy on FXX was just a perfect comeback as it was packed with hilarious content and surprising cameos. Now "The League" continues with episode 2 — "The Draft of Innocence".

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"The League" is all about drafts and that is what makes this show such a fun watch. There are five friends, who love the day they draft players for fantasy football teams, so what can go wrong? Well, a lot can. And that is what you get to witness in season 7.

In keeping with its six year tradition of delivering consistent laughs through catchphrases, hilarious one-liners and amazing chemistry of the cast, "The League" season 7 continues with no exceptions. The season's premiere "That Other Draft" scored full points with with hilarious dialogue, unexpected NFL cameos, and a good dose of raunchy humour.

The highlight of the episode was clearly the appearance by Seattle Seahawks star, who is seen running back Marshawn Lynch in the opening scene. And well, obviously how would it qualify as "The League" episode if there are no clever jabs at Andre. The episode saw Pete, Kevin, Ruxin, and Jenny unveil homemade trophies to mock their champ's achievement.

In episode two, "The Draft of Innocence" is comes out clearly that no one likes Andre's theme for idea of a themed draft. According to the episode's synopsis, Pete and Andre will stop speaking and the league agrees to holds an auction draft, and this, as expected leads to shockingly huge problems.

"The League" season 7, episode 2 titled "The Draft of Innocence, airs on 16 September, 2015 on FXX at 10PM.