Developer of popular online battle arena video game, League of Legends, has taken a unique initiative.

Instead of pretending to be foolproof, they have announced a program titled "Riot's Big Bounty Program", under which they invite all the hackers to find out any exploit in the game. And for finding each exploits the League of legends game, developer Riot will pay them $100.

In a statement, Riot confessed how a 24-year-old Australian gamer found how a malicious hacker can steal other player's identity and hijack their account. After finding the vulnerability he straightaway mailed Riot to take the initiative.

"No software connected to the internet can be considered 100% secure. We know that smart people all over the world poke at our software, websites, and infrastructure, looking for weaknesses. Some will successfully find security vulnerabilities. When this happens, it's critical that we become aware of the vulnerability ASAP so that we can fix it before it's widely abused," Riot said.

The Bounty program is currently in its beta stage and is bound to a group of hackers of HackerOne community. Riot allows members of this team to find out any vulnerability from League of Legends or any other Riot developed title. And for each of their discovery, Riot games will pay them $100. Till date the community has found 75 exploits, bugs and vulnerabilities.

"While collaboration and insight is a motivation for some, cold hard cash is still a pretty great reward. Since the beta program's initial kickoff in April 2013, more than $100,000 has been paid out to the small fellowship of invited participants," they added.

Contextually Riot games has earned immense popularity across the world.

Based on a free-to-play model, The League of Legends is played by 27 millions of people every day. Even in last month 67 million new gamers joined the arena.

Available both on Windows and Mac OS X version, players assume a role of a character, called a "champion", with unique abilities and battles another player or computer-controlled champions. In the most popular game modes, each team's goal is to destroy the opposing team's nexus, a building which lies at the heart of a base protected by defensive structures.