With a hoard of television soaps coming up every year, it's difficult to churn out original stories. While some loosely borrow from novels, others come up with their own.

According to an Absolute India News report, some of the hit daily soaps are inspired by classic novels.

While "Kumkum Bhagya" has two of its central characters play Jane Austen's famous Elinor (Sriti Jha as Pragya) and Mairanne Dashwood (Mrunal Thakur as Bulbul) from "Sense and Sensibilty, "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" is somewhat a watered down adaptation of Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights".

Shakti Arora's Ranveer mildly designed around Heathcliff, who does all in his might to earn the love of his master's daughter, Catherine Earnshaw.

Although, their plots twists and themes keep changing with every leap the makers take, the similarity cannot go unnoticed.

What's interesting to note is, the current tracks of these two shows are eerily similar to each other.

A few weeks ago Ishani of "MATSH" was kidnapped and kept hostage, after which Ranveer comes to her rescue. "Kumkum Bhagya" is gearing up for a similar sequence wherein Pragya will be spirited away by goons and Abhi will jump in on time to save her from being abducted.

Also, in the recent episodes, both Ishani-Ranveer and Pragya-Abhi have shared kisses onscreen. The audience is enjoying the romance but trouble is catching up with the love birds.

This apart, both the shows have taken leaps.