Seo Ye Ji
South Korean actress Seo Ye-ji attends the press conference of TV series 'Lawless Lawyer' on May 8, 2018 in Seoul, South KoreaGetty Images

South Korean actress Seo Ye Ji has received a special honour as a police officer for her spectacular role in tvN's "Lawless Lawyers". She played the role of Ha Jae Yi, an honest lawyer who strives to take down evil forces.

According to Seo Ye Ji's agency King Entertainment, "On December 7, the actress was appointed as an honorary police officer at the '2018 Meeting of Broadcast Film Producers Who Were With Police Officers', held at the National Police Agency's Cultural Garden".

The event witnessed nearly 30 directors, producing directors and writers who have created content based on police officers. Among the esteemed crowd, Seo Ye Ji was awarded the rank of honorary constable and received a letter of appointment.

According to a source from the police agency "On-site Legal 365, a legal support centre where police officers provide consultation to legal queries 24/7, has been established. Seo Ye Ji left a deep impression on viewers as a just lawyer in the drama. It was decided that she was suitable to be an honorary police officer".

On receiving the honorary position, Seo Ye Ji said "I'm very honoured and feel an invaluable responsibility to have been appointed an honorary police officer. I will continue to participate in activities for the people and the police and will do my best to show a good side of myself as an actor next year as well".

Earlier the talented actress revealed that she had a deep impact of the character of Ha Jae Yi from "Lawless Lawyers". She stated that "there's a playfulness I didn't have before that keeps igniting within me, so I don't think I've managed to get out of the character".

Seo Ye Ji will next be seen in her comeback film in 2019 with "Blackout" and "quantum Physics".