Actress Lauren Bacall
Actress Lauren BacallReuters

A day after the shocking news of Robin Williams' death, Hollywood has lost another beloved veteran actor. Bogart Estate, the estate of Humphrey Bogart, now run partly by his son Stephen Bogart announced on Tuesday that legendary actress Lauren Bacall had passed away.

Bacall, aged 89, died Tuesday morning in New York, due to a stroke. She lived in her Dakota home, that overlooks Central Park in Manhattan. 

Born Betty Joan Perske, Bacall started out as a model, before landing her breakout role as Marie, the leading lady for Humphrey Bogart's Steve in the 1994 film "To Have and Have Not".

Bacall was just 19 and Bogart 44, when they met, but their whirlwind romance resulted in a marriage that lasted 12 years, until Bogart's death in 1957 from throat cancer. The actress is survived by two children- Stephen H. Bogart and Leslie Bogart. 

"To Have and Have Not" is famous not just for making Bacall an overnight sensation. She delivered one the most famous lines ever said in film history in that undeniably husky voice: "You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow."

About this immortal line, Barry Adelman, the executive producer for the Golden Globes once said, ".. if you were an alien from outer space, all you would have to do is watch the "whistle" scene, and you'd instantly know how and why earthlings have sex." Besides "To Have and Have Not", Bacall and Bogart acted together in "The Big Sleep", "Dark Passage" and "Key Largo".

After Bogart's death, she briefly dated Frank Sinatra, but the relationship didn't last long. 

In October 1958, Bacall left Hollywood and made a film in England and a critically panned play. There she met her second husband Jason Robards Jr, with whom she has one child, Sam Robards. Owing to Robards' drinking and extramarital affairs, the couple divorced in 1969 after eight years together.

She was also a reputed theatre actress with two Tony awards to her credit, for her roles in "Applause" (1970) and "Woman of the Year" (1981).

Although she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in 1997 for her role in "The Mirror Has Two Faces", directed by Barbra Streisand, she didn't win. However, in 2010, the Academy recognised her talent and awarded her for her "central place in the Golden Age of Motion Pictures."

Her last credited role is voicing the character of Evelyn in Seth MacFarlane's animated comedy "Family Guy".

Her loss has affected family, friends, co-workers and fans alike. Many have paid tribute to her inimitable looks of inuendo and unforgettable husky voice:

"Aw no another legend has passed away :( RIP Lauren Bacall. Such a wonderful actress," tweeted Lizzie.

"I can't believe we are saying farewell to another legend today. Individual, extraordinary talent. Lauren Bacall you will be long remembered," tweeted Fiona Hunter.

"And now, Lauren Bacall, thanks for teaching us all how to whistle," tweeted Jorge Garcia, famous for playing Hugo in the tv series "Lost".

Legendary actress Barbara Eden tweeted, "RIP Lauren Bacall, a silver screen legend. You will forever be in our memories. -Barbara"