The war of words among Indian politicians hit a new low on Saturday when Samajwadi Party leader Naresh Agarwal used a controversial slang against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate.

Taking a dig at Modi, who is still a bachelor, the SP leader said on Saturday that the "concept of wedding does not exist in the BJP."

While commenting on Narendra Modi's rally the SP leader said: "Hamaare gaon mein kahawat hai, Rand se ashirwad lene jaao, woh kehti hai hamaare tara ban jaao (There is a saying in my village, 'If you go to a prostitute/widow for blessings, she would ask you to become like her). Similarly the BJP is asking everyone in their rallies to become like them."

His statement instantly raked up a controversy among the political class.

BJP leader Bizay Sonkar Shastri lambasted at Agarwal for using such a derogatory slang. "Being in politics there should be some sort of decorum, condemn such statements," he said.

"This word (rand) also used to refer to widows. However, the other meaning is taken in an offensive context," said Mamata Sharma, Chairperson of National Council of Women.

She added, "Will send notice to Naresh Agarwal seeking an explaination, it is about the dignity of women of our country."

Later, Agarwal maintained that he had not said anything derogatory and stood by his statements. "I did not make any insensitive remark. I haven't said anything wrong and I stand by it."

To this, BJP leader Vijay Sonkar Shastri reacted saying, "I just have one advice for him that being in politics he should have maintained certain code of conduct. And uttering such statements show what kind of a personality he is."

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‏@maradnusro: Naresh Agarwal's sexist comment is condemnable.One of the ideals of BJP should be to remove the social stigma of being a widow..

@binhosbin: Naresh Agarwal is a political pigmy/ant/immaterial/and of zero consequences.Walking the corridor of Mental Asylum one hears lunatic comments

@rupeshsingh10: Its Culture of SP to seek blessings from Call Girls Mr.Naresh Agarwal

‏@nanditathhakur: If women commission is going to take against Naresh Agarwal and news channels are beeping it means he said something really vulgur

@AnjaniShahi: Comparing Modi to widow is not wrong. But, demeaning a widow shows the culture of SP leader Naresh Agarwal. A strong action must be taken.