Reports are claiming that Islamic State militants are conspiring to infect jihadists with Ebola and send them to America.
Ebola outbreak is a hoax and was created by the US to justify imposing martial law in the country, says conspiracy theorist.Wikimedia Commons

The Ebola outbreak is an elaborate hoax and was created by the US in order to justify imposing martial law in the country, according to famed conspiracy theorist and political commentator, Professor James Henry Fetzer.

This will be the first time a renowned person of relatively high stature has said that the Ebola virus is a "lie" and it is a false flag disease created in order to justify tighter grip on people's freedom.

The California-based philosopher of science, who claimed to have exposed many "truths" in the political sphere in the past, claims that there are evidence that the disease is a false-flag exercise designed to instil fear in people. He also claimed that military force is being sent abroad in the pretext of helping Ebola-stricken countries.

"The situation with Ebola is very strange indeed, because there are multiple indications that it's some kind of fraud or hoax or scam being perpetrated on the American people," Fetzer told Press TV.

"There's a new Ebola false-flag exposed, compilations of evidence (are) available on YouTube now," he said.

This comes just as a new Ebola quarantine policy for health workers is drawing controversy in America. A nurse who just returned from Sierra Leone having treated Ebola patience has said that she will take legal action against the US government for forcing her to stay in confinement for 21 days, despite testing negative for the Ebola Virus.

Noting that the policy made her "feel like criminal", Kaci Hickox said in an article on Saturday: "This is not a situation I would wish on anyone, and I am scared for those who will follow me".

In his statement to the TV channel, Professor Fetzer claimed that "the purported Ebola outbreak" was only being used to justify sending troops to Sierra Leone and other West-African countries adding that America is doing this to advance the interests of private corporations and profit-making.

The Pentagon is indeed planning to send a strong force of 3,600 members to fight the Ebola epidemic in the West Africa, recent reports have indicated.

"There's good reason to be sceptical about what's going on here in the United States. And I am terribly troubled that they are trying to create a cause that is going to instil fear into the American people to justify imposing martial law here in the United States," the theorist said.

"I no longer believe in the United States' government. It has a terrible record when it comes to telling the truth on any serious subject," he added.

James Fetzer is famous (or infamous) for various conspiracy theories including those related to John F. Kennedy's assassination in the 1990s. He also later gave a couple of 9/11 conspiracy theories and others regarding the 2002 death of Senator Paul Wellstone.