"The Last Witch Hunter" is boring, to say the least. Though Vin Diesel's acting reflects his everlasting charm, a deep and threatening voice and an occasional assuring smile, none of these make a difference to the movie.

Diesel plays Kaulder, an 800-year-old demon stalker who currently resides in New York. As the population is on the rise, the city is slowly getting crowded by witches, both good ones and bad ones. 

These witches have their own life - nightclubs, prisons and runway shows. What's more, they sometimes even take selfies!

Kaulder is assigned with the duty of keeping these creatures under control from a base at Central Park. An ancient priesthood, which goes by the name of Dolans, guides him. And the current priest's name is Dolan 36th (Michael Caine).

After the death of Dolan 36th, Dolan 37th (Elijah Wood) takes his place who guides Kaulder in his latest and probably the last quest – to find and destroy the heart of the Witch Queen (Julie Engelbrecht) that is still beating. The Queen was the reason Kaulder lost his wife and child and now he is more than willing to take revenge.

The story may have sounded interesting and intriguing enough for a fiction-fantasy lover to go and watch. However, most of the other elements of the movie disappoint in many ways. 

The movie has lots of misplaced and unnecessary digital effects that are not required in the first place. Besides, the actors appear uninterested to act. They look exhausted and fail to impress the audience. All of it sucks the freshness out of the movie.

Continuing with the story, back in New York, Kaulder finds a company for his quest in a bar owner called Chloe (rose Leslie, from Game of Thrones), who is also a witch, but a good one. Together, they travel to hunt down a warlock named Ellic (Joseph Gilgun), a blind magical baker called Max Schlesinger (Isaach De Bankolé) and a gigantic demon who smells of moldering crabapples and is known as Belial (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson).

Kaulder seems unafraid of any of these creatures as he says to Chloe, "You know what I am afraid of? Nothing."

"The Last Witch Hunter" is undoubtedly a desperate attempt to reboot a franchise. However, director Breck Eisner fails miserably in the attempt as he relies a lot on lame and uninteresting thrills than the supernatural element the movie needed.