Christmas is around the corner, and hopefully all preparations have been done. Whether it is the decoration or dinner party or the celebration games, most of us are all geared up.

However, with so many chores to attend to and the arrival of guests in the house, it becomes a pain to send warm wishes to those who didn't make it to your doorstep. As wishes are traditionally followed by gifts, it should not be discontinued at any cost.

Even though it is indeed late with hardly any time left, there is no need to panic. Here are some quick gift ideas for Christmas that won't need any kind of hassle and are easily available on Amazon. So, with just a click of your mouse, you can send them to their respective destination, gift-wrapped of course.

Cotton Sheets

Bed sheets are perhaps the most needed and used household items. Gifting some good cotton sheets is always a good idea and the recipient will surely be pleased.

Serving Platter

A good Christmas Eve can't be celebrated without a good supper. While your home-made food will surely garner you a lot of praise from guests, some designer serving platters will undoubtedly add to the impression.

Wool Blanket

Winters are always associated with Christmas, as in most parts of the world it is either chilly or snowing. Hence, gifting a warm, cosy wool blanket is bound to make the recipient smile.

Fur Pillow

Everyone loves fuzzy pillows, especially when it is too cold to go outside. A fur pillow will make sure that the recipient can't help remembering you whenever he/she hugs it tightly, with a hot cup of cocoa or coffee near a warm and pleasing fire.

Designer Scarf Hanger

Christmas is that time of the year when all you see are coats, blazers and scarves hanging in the house. Therefore, a designer, pleasant-looking scarf hanger will add to the decorations and of course, will serve its original purpose as well!