Things have been a little tense in the "Last Man on Earth" crew's house in the last couple of weeks, with Phil's (Boris Kodjoe) meltdown, Erica's (Cleopatra Coleman) pregnancy announcement and Todd (Mel Rodriguez) and Melissa's (January Jones) break-up. But Christmas celebrations have started early for survivors of the apocalypse, and things are set to get a lot jollier soon.

In the upcoming Season 2 Episode 9, "Secret Santa", ever-so-cheerful Carol (Kristen Schaal) recreates the Secret Santa gift exchange tradition and according to the promo she gets just the thing she wanted — a chair. But it is not just any chair. According to Erica, it is a chair from Oprah's studio audience, which makes it all the more exciting for her.

As per Oprah's traditions, Erica even leaves a gift under the chair for Carol, and regardless of what it is, Carol seems extremely excited about it. Meanwhile, her husband Tandy (Will Forte) seems a little unenthusiastic and sceptical about the whole thing, possibly because he does not know what to get his wife that would top Erica's gift. He could also be worried about what he wants for Christmas.

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Like everyone else in the group, Tandy lost all his family to the virus that wiped out Earth's population. However, unbeknownst to everyone else, his older brother Mike Miller, played by Jason Sudeikis — Will's SNL cast-mate — is still alive. He is floating around in a space station with no one to keep him company and no way to contact Earth.

In the previous episode, we saw him getting excited for a second when he mistook his recording for a response message from Earth. On realising his mistake, he got disheartened and proceeded to get high on nitrous oxide.

Although Phil has not open spoken about his affection for his brother, he does carry around a photograph of his parents and Mike. Phil's perfect gift for Christmas would be the return of his brother. However, Mike needs to get in touch with Earth first and that will hopefully happen on 6 December, Sunday, when Season 2 Episode 9 of "Last Man on Earth" titled "Secret Santa" airs.