Sunny Leone is one such B-Town celeb that automatically sets the temperature soaring, once mentioned. Her beauty and elegance have been admired by all of her fans. From her reality game show Spiltsvilla, Sunny gain fame and has become a household name.

She has been ruling the hearts of millennials for helping out young people in finding the love of their lives on the MTV show. She has gone on records to accept that she's a believer of love stories and fairy tale, and her relationship with Husband Daniel Weber is no less than that.

Sunny Leone Daniel Weber
Sunny Leone Daniel Webervarinder Chawla

'No More Secrets'

Sunny and Daniel have been together for almost 12 years now have shared a beautiful journey. Talking about her love story with Pinkvilla on the show 'No More Secrets' Sunny got candid about her relationship with Daniel and made some exclusive revelations.

She revealed that when they first met in Las Vegas, Daniel actually thought that Sunny was a lesbian. She said, "Daniel didn't think I was straight. He thought I was a lesbian. I was with my girlfriend who is a lesbian but she dresses a bit masculine. He misread it completely."

Although Daniel disclosed that he got confused as they were holding hands and he misread the situation. God has his own way of bringing two people together. In reality, Baby Doll Sunny was not supposed to meet Daniel that day as she was supposed to be going out on a date with someone else.

Sunny Leone in Hello Ji song from Ragini MMS Returns 2
Sunny Leone in Hello Ji song from Ragini MMS Returns 2Youtube screengrab

She said, "We were at Las Vegas and I was with my girlfriend. I was going to meet Daniel's bandmate at Mandalay Bay. I was supposed to go out on a date with Pauly Shore, who was a comedian. But he ditched me."

Daniel went on to add that, "Pauly happened to meet someone on his way and he went off to meet his friend. And God ushered me to her. That's destiny." Though Sunny and Daniel didn't get along much at the beginning as Sunny had a rule of not dating the band boys, within a month, around Valentine's day, the cupid strikes and the arrow went right through Sunny's heart. Sunny Leone revealed that Weber is hopelessly romantic and used to send her flowers and letters while she was shooting.

Sunny and Daniel quarantine with kids

Sunny Leone's private jet
Sunny Leone's private jetYoutube screenshot

Due to lockdown across the nation, Sunny and Daniel have quarantined themselves with their kids, Nisha, Asher and Noah. The couple has been spending quality time together and giving out major family goals.

But like any other relationships, sometimes Daniel and Sunny also fight over petty things. Talking about one such funny incident Sunny disclosed that they recently had a fight regarding which Netflix show to watch. Well, that sounds like 'Kahani Ghar Ghar ki' right now as it's highly possible that the fight for the remote is going on in every household.