The Lapcare Yo! LBS-999 Bluetooth speaker
The Lapcare Yo! LBS-999 Bluetooth speakerLapcare

Lapcare, an Indian consumer electronics accessories manufacturer, has launched two new devices in the Indian market and both the products are focused at budget concerned Indian consumers.

Named Lapcare YO!M-25, the latest power bank offers a powerful 8,000 mAh capacity and also acts as a portable, external hard disk. The YO!M-25 features a Micro SD slot, which is expandable upto 128 GB. One can now charge devices, while securely accessing their files.

The Lapcare YO! M-25 power bank sports a dual USB port, enabling users to charge two devices simultaneously. An inbuilt i5 and i6 cable, makes it appealing for Apple fans as well.

The Lapcare YO!- LBS-999 is a Bluetooth speaker with a mobile stand in-built. Lapcare YO! – LBS999, features a 1,050 mAh Li-On battery, which keeps the speaker going for upto 4 hours. The Bluetooth+NFC connectivity, pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device and provides a range of upto 10 meters. Additional features include a USB Port, LED indicator, volume adjusting function and an in-built microphone for hands free call receiving.

Both the Lapcare YO!- M-25 power bank and Lapcare YO!- LBS-999 are priced at ₹3,997. The Lapcare YO!- M-25 power bank comes in classic mosaic white color and has a warranty of 12 months and the Lapcare YO!- LBS999 Bluetooth speakers comes in two elegant colors -- Black and White -- and has a warranty of 12 months.

Both the products are available at all leading retail outlets of all formats and leading e-commerce sites including Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, E-bay and