Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong has been caught on the wrong side of things in recent yearsReuters

Just when people were gradually forgetting about Lance Armstrong's doping scandal, the world has just come crashing down once again for the American cyclist.

While returning home from a party on December 28, Armstrong's SUV hit two parked cars, but his girlfriend Anna Hansen took the blame, then stating she was behind the wheel of the car.

However, that has now been revealed as a lie, according to reports.

Hansen revealed the truth after she was interviewed by detectives. It was Armstrong who was driving when the SUV hit two parked cars, but the couple decided Hansen should take blame to avoid national and world media attention.

''We've had our family name smeared over every paper in the world in the last couple of years and honestly, I've got teenagers, I just wanted to protect my family," Hansen told police, as quoted by Yahoo.

''I thought, gosh, Anna Hansen hit some cars, it's not going to show up in the papers, but Lance Armstrong hit some cars, it's going to be a national story.''

It was not only Hansen who spoke to the police about  the accident, but also the man who had rented one of the parked cars, which Armstrong's SUV hit during the night.

The man, Thomas Van Allen, said that Hansen came up to him and promised to pay for the repairs after apologising for the accident.

"She said, 'I'm Anna, we're the Armstrongs, my husband's Lance, he was just driving maybe too fast around the corner or something," he told the police according to ESPN.

With the truth now coming out in the open, Armstrong faces a charge for failing to report the accident along with speeding, which would be punishable by US law for 90 days in jail and a fine, which could go upto $300.

He is due in court on March 17th.

Armstrong was stripped of all results since 1 August, 1998, including his prestigious Tour de France titles and was also banned for life due to his involvement in doping.