Lamar Odom continues to fight for his life while in coma. The former NBA star was hospitalised after he was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel on Tuesday, 13 October.

While he fights for his life in a Las Vegas hospital, Kylie, Kim and other sisters have shown their support for Khloe and broken their silence about the tragic situation through personal message posted on their personal apps.

Kylie, Kim, Kendall and Kourtney have decided to drop all their engagements and stand by sister Khloe as she tries to cope up with Odom's condition.

The sisters have jointl released a statement through their personal apps about Lamar's condition and have said that they would not publish any content on their apps as they pray for Odom.

"As a family, we've decided to hold off on publishing content across our apps while we continue to support and pray for Lamar. Thank you for your kindness and understanding during this difficult time," the statement read.

Lamar Odom had apparently shown signs of progress on 14 October, when he reportedly "briefly fluttered open his eyes and squeezed Kim's hand." Still, nothing has been confirmed yet. But since then, various conflicting reports about the basketball player's condition have been flooding the web.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has decided to put her baby shower plans to celebrate her son's upcoming birth on hold. In the wake of Lamar's hospitalisation, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star apparently cancelled her shower to stand by and support her younger sister, Khloe.

"She's totally focused on being there for Khloe right now," a source told E! (via Ok!).

According to the report, Kim's baby shower, themed "Troop Beverly Hills", was scheduled for this weekend and was supposed to be held at Kim's friend Allison Azoff at the Kardashians' Beverly Hills' estate. Ironically, this is the same location where Khloe and Lamar tied the knot in 2009.

In fact, the reports also pointed out that Kim was one of the first to arrive at the hospital to be by her sister's side along with their mother Kris Jenner.