Lamar Odom seems to be having a hard time letting go of his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.

In a bizarre rant, Odom insisted Kardashian was still his wife, despite the fact that they have signed divorce papers and Kardashian has moved on in her life.

Odom also spoke about his recent confrontation with Kardashian at an L.A. Soul Cycle, saying their meeting was prearranged.

"We spoke [beforehand]," he told In Touch Weekly. "A misunderstanding between me and my wife became public. It's hurtful. That woman is my wife. Without the ring on my finger. [Even] with her picture being taken with another man, that woman is my wife."

A source confirmed to Radar Online the fact that the meeting was prearranged, and noted that the entire incident was set up by Kardashian to embarrass Odom.

"Khloe had mentioned to Lamar that she would be going to the gym the next morning, and he showed up because he wanted to talk to her," the source continued. "Lamar didn't grab Khloe and wasn't stalking her."

Odom was reportedly upset when he learned that a picture of the incident was published, and that the entire drama could be featured in the upcoming season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

While Odom has expressed an interest to reconcile, it doesn't seem like Kardashian is interested, as she is currently dating basketball player James Harden.

However, a source close to Harden revealed to HollywoodLife that Kardashian's bizarre relationship with Odom could be driving away Harden.

"This is some fatal attraction type of mess that James has found himself and he has no time for drama," the source said. "He didn't sign up for this! He wants no part of Khloe's bizarre relationship with Lamar. James saw Lamar's interview and was blown away by it. He was dumbfounded even. He thinks Lamar's gone to the point of no return, talking about how he will never let Khloe go. That actually scared James."

The source also noted that Harden was rethinking his relationship with Kardashian, and some of his friends have been advising him to stay away from the reality show star.