Lakshay Jain

Becoming youngest and innovative tech entrepreneur of 2021; journey of Lakshay Jain

You can make a beautiful living anywhere in the 21st century, with the top skills and a good internet connection. An example is India's youngest Tech entrepreneur Lakshay Jain working in his style in becoming the Digital Nomad of India in the Pandemic era. There is no doubt that in the digital age, India is the largest IT service provider and the proof is last five to 10 years growth of all businesses IT in India gives the highest taxes to India, which is an indication that India is becoming a country from where all the tech giants will come. In recent times Sundar Pichai as Google head proved the metal of India in the entire world.

Imagination, passion, change, obedience, and endurance helped Jain to become the youngest tech entrepreneur in India. He is the founder of IT startup name Mervex which provides digital marketing services. He says it is his qualities that have helped him become a successful and young tech startup founder. His ideas of creating new products apps that can help local business people concept are running well for him and with that giving all IT services with digital marketing made his name more sound in India, he says.

This tech entrepreneur claims he is a risk-embracing visionary unafraid to risk everything to bring their revolutionary innovations to life. Owning a thriving business requires a bit of an independent streak, but what you need is a wide set of skills, a good deal of applicable experience, and an enthusiasm to try again, qualities he is familiar with.

There are many top qualities that Lakshay has, which helped him become successful under 20 tech entrepreneurs of India.

- He says coding was his dream and he started it at the age of 7 and at 17 he is a successful tech entrepreneur with his IT firm.
- He never hesitates to try new things, and his bold nature has helped him come this far in life at a young age. Another good thing is he is a doer he believes in implementing things. He knows if he does not implement his thoughts, others will make a villa of it, he preaches.
- He is determined and committed to his work. He says obstacles never block him as he always finds the way and works for hours to complete the task which he sets for his routine.
- He also believes in good service. He knows selling IT projects and then giving proper service is important to make a name in the market. He even works on digital marketing to expand the reach of his clients. He works with details, and that is helping him expand his business worldwide.

All these qualities helped him become India's youngest tech entrepreneur.