Lakshay Chanana
Lakshay Chanana

The saying is candidly righteous and the narrative of Lakshay Chanana spawns even more curiosity in the young lads to know about him and his work.

Lakshay Chanana is a 17 year old proficient digital marketer and founder of 'Unicorn Media', Delhi, India. His work is ample to elucidate him best. As a Zestful digital marketer, he attained beau idéal knowledge and decided to slog in this niche.
At the young age of 17 his splendour has corroborated the claim that his is a notable in digital niche. He owns a company named "Unicorn Media", which was launched in December, 2018. His company render all sorts of services akin to digital marketing.

His company is doing great! substantiating it through the results of his work. Till date he had attended more than 100 clients, renowned in their respective niches also he has a good working experience with various companies and Bollywood Celebrities. He assisted them by making their work effortless through his expertise in digital marketing.

Ever since he has been the ace of his own whims and has proven to be the jefe of the respective niche. For his successful future we wish him Good luck.

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