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The most-awaited Mohanlal–Amala Paul movie has finally hit the theatres. Directed by Joshiy, the film is probably the most-discussed movie in recent times because of its star cast and the crew.

However, the reviews by various critics in the industry indicate that the movie has failed to meet the expectations and has been rated as a below average movie.

The story of the film revolves around Intelligence officer Jayamohan (Mohanlal) and his wife Anjali (Amala Paul). However, Anjali is unaware of the fact that he is an anti- terrorist intelligence agent as his job demands secrecy, but soon she will learn the truth behind Jayamohan. Certain turn of events lead Anjali to join the team of secret agents and together they try to solve the plots set up by the terrorist group.

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Critics rate performance of Mohanlal and stunt sequences of the film as the major highlights. Suresh Nair's script has been reviewed as engaging, but at the same time the story is said to be lacking depth.

Here are the reviews of "Lailaa O Lailaa" by various critics:

Lensmen Review

Joshiy's method of keeping the excitement on screen is a bit outdated and only the first two rows where finding it worth applauding (for obvious reasons) in a full house. The story is wafer thin and the scripting is very much on the predictable and unexciting side. The dialogues aren't that catchy and even the wannabe cool dialogues also had this artificial feel. Cinematography is disappointing with too much of unsteady and compact shots. Edits too wasn't that exciting with awkward slow motions here and there. Art direction also looked quite underwhelming. Among the tracks, the two slower ones are hummable but the rest weren't interesting at all. Gopi Sunder fails miserably on getting the background score right; it was too loud and less catchy. Visual effects were used very much in those climax portions and it isn't that great either.

Onlookers Media

Joshiy after a series of setbacks tried his best to set it right this time. Even though it had not that successful but he did it partially good. Joshiy's direction was not up to the standards like we saw it in his earlier hits with Mohanlal and the technical parts such as editing and camera was also not up to the expected level. But the only highlight was The Complete actor Mohanlal who really given a superb show as Jai Mohan and Amala Paul was not really did well as Anjali.

The film does not have a much big twist in the tail part and in the first half it is more like romantic comedy. That may be also a negative some may found who expects an out and out action thriller. Suresh Nair's screenplay was engaging but not satisfying and it never really provided much scope for Mohanlal as an actor.


Action and shoot out scenes are well shot and car chase sequences are well canned.Suresh Nair flounders in the script mainly because of the fact that the plot is wafer thin.We have seen too many movies in this genre and the mixing of thrills and romance hasn't worked out well enough to endear to the general audience.Loud background score that lacks novelty and average songs don't help the cause of the movie either.But Loganathan has done a fair job behind the camera.

'Lailaa O Lailaa' could have been better had it been a bit more slickly and compactly shot.For a thriller it is a bit stretched out and for a romantic movie,it is a bit too loud.In the end analysis 'Laila O Laila' falls short of being a colossal disappointment but fails to impress nonetheless.