• Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga in star-shaped outfit.Twitter/Lady Gaga
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    Lady Gaga wearing her favourite jacket.Twitter/Lady Gaga
  • Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga in harlequin dress.Twitter/Lady Gaga
  • Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga performing at ArtRave.Twitter/Lady Gaga
  • Lady Gaga
    Lady Gaga suffers wardrobe malfunction.Twitter/Lady Gaga

Pop queen Lady Gaga is rather known for her bizarre costumes than her music, and this time around she was seen in shocking outfits during the concluding function of "ArtRave: The Artpop Ball" at Bercy Arena in Paris.

This is Mother Monster's fourth tour, which ran from 4 May to 24 November. For the closing ceremony, she chose to wear some wacky costumes, ranging from a bird-inspired harlequin dress to a star-shaped outfit.

"I'm a Star," tweeted the pop queen, after posting a picture of her in the stellar costume.

While showcasing her new looks, Gaga also risked wardrobe malfunction through her unique garments. Her colourful feathered harlequin dress was just in place when she walked in for the final show.

Meanwhile, she was overwhelmed with emotions during the final moments of her fourth concentrate tour and she busted into tears while talking to her teammates, reported Yahoo Music.

"I hope that you always remember this time in our lives together. When we painted each other's faces and called each other 'Monster' and talked about love and art all night long," the pop queen told her team.

The two-hour ArtRave extravaganza by the pop singer made her fans gaga over it and many of her songs, played on icy-crystal piano, set the stage on fire.

Check out the photos of Lady Gaga's bizarre costumes in the above slideshow.