At the age of 21, Dongho is marrying his girlfriend of one-and-a-half years on 28 November and to celebrate it, he has roped in fellow K-Pop star Kyuhyun to perform at the wedding ceremony. Dongho, a former member of U-KISS, was bombarded with rumours about the legitimacy of the wedding and the reason for it.

To address these rumours and assure his fans that he was in fact in love with his non-celebrity, mystery girlfriend he conducted a Q&A. At the press meet, which was held during a basketball game in an amateur league, Dongho elaborated that his girlfriend, who is a year older to him, studies fine arts and that she supported him through a difficult time.

"I went through hard times after I quit the entertainment industry, but she supported me through it," he said, further adding that it is that very support that helped him make the decision about marrying her.

He also the addressed the rumours that claimed that he was getting married to evade military service and that it was a shotgun wedding. "I heard rumors that I am trying to get an exemption from the military service by getting married and having children. But I am actually already exempt from active duties because I underwent a serious lung surgery, and that fact was known prior to the wedding announcements."

Dongho also confirmed that he would fulfil his duty as a Korean citizen by serving the country.

The 21-year-old is seemingly very excited about the wedding, and even requested Super Junior's Kyuhyun to sing at the ceremony. Confirming the news, SM Entertainment announced on 4 November: "It is true that Kyuhyun will be singing the congratulatory song at Dongho's wedding on November 28."

The song that Kyuhyun will perform at the wedding has not been revealed, but our guess is that "The Day We Felt the Distance" could be a front-runner. It is his latest surprise single that he released at midnight KST on 3 November to Korean streaming sites.

As it has a slightly sad undertone, Kyuhyun could also go with some of his more soothing romantic songs like "Just Once", "Love Again", "Hope Is a Dream That Doesn't Sleep" or "Love Dust". Which song do you think Kyuhyun will sing to celebrate Dongho and his new bride's love?