An Indian expatriate worker, who had gone to a local mosque in Kuwait wearing 'too many layers of clothing', was mistaken for an Isis suicide bomber. He was briefly detained and later released.

Since the 26 June mosque bombing, security has been increased across the country, and especially around mosques. Earlier on Wednesday reports emerged that an Indian worker was detained at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait City on suspicion of being a suicide bomber. 

The mosque security detained the Indian worker and took him into custody. The Indian construction worker was suffering from fever and was wearing 'eight jerseys' as he was feeling "too cold," Arab Times reported.

In the suicide attack at the Shia mosque carried out by a Saudi national, 27 people were killed and 227 were wounded. The Islamic State (Isis) terrorists had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Kuwait Crackdown on Isis Continues 

Kuwait early on Thursday announced that it had broken up an Isis cell in the country, with the arrest of four of its nationals, who had fought for Isis in Syria and Iraq. The Kuwaiti ministry, in a statement, said the Isis network included Kuwaitis. One of them was killed in "a terrorist operation" in Iraq.

The remaining four have admitted to having received military training by Isis. "They were involved in fighting operations in both Syria and Iraq," the statement noted.

An interior ministry official told Reuters that the individuals named in Thursday's statement were not part of the 26 June mosque attack. Authorities are prosecuting another group of suspects in that case, the source added.