"Kuttram Kadithal" is an internationally-acclaimed and National Award-winning movie, which will hit the screens on 25 September.

The movie has been made by a bunch of newcomers, whose fresh idea has been appreciated at film festivals. "Kuttram Kadithal" has been directed by Bramma and has Radhika Prasiddha, Sai Rajkumar, Master Ajay, Sathya and others in the cast. 

The story of "Kuttram Kadithal" deals with a complex issue prevalent in today's education system. The society has been ignorant on some issues and one such thing can turn some people's lives upside down. This forms the crux of the story.

Chezhiyan (Master Ajay) kisses a girl in his class without realising how it may affect his life. His teacher Merlin (Radhika Prasidhha) slaps him for the indecent act and he falls unconscious. The rest of the story is about her feeling guilty and the anguish of the boy's family.

The director also highlights how the present day media acts insensitively and blows the issue out of the proportion. The performances of the key characters are the biggest strength of "Kuttram Kadithal".

Below, we bring you the audience's response to "Kuttram Kadithal":

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
#KutramKadithal hits you hard like a ton of bricks. Addresses a very important issue with so much sensibility. Extremely well written.

Rinku Gupta Posted
#kutramkadithal rivetting performances.. natural n effortless! a movie which just flows, n keeps u hooked till the end.take a bow @bramma23

Sundhar rajan Tweeted
Two gems of the season....
One is healthy and clean commercial film #ThaniOruvan Another is honest,Majestic artistic film #KutramKadithal

Rajesh Feel My Love Wrote
@bramma23 sir really I m moved on seeing #kutramkadithal. Excellent movie sir. With more social awareness thoughts. Really inspiring.

Sridhar Raghunathan Posted
KUTTRAM KADITHAL ... My God ....an interesting emotional realistic tragic and classic ....teacher unknowingly does some mistake .... The student boy suffers ... It s how the scene starts and how different people face it differently ... It is about how different people handle it neatly/cunningly .... An incident ... Multiple emotions ..... Wow .. Beautiful script .... Beautiful cinematography ..... Here there is No love .... No duet .... No fight .... But movie is keep on touching your heart .... Second half shows how common people face the real world ..... The performance of the lady teacher , her husband , the affected student , the principal of the school , other teachers , cunning police , doctors ... have all blended poetically .... I was truly melted in the final most scenes ... Bharathiyar songs were heart touching .... One more great movie after a bit long time ... It s very simple .... If you do a mistake .. accept it ... Apologise for ... Them most importantly try to correct it .... Excellent movie ....Please watch it ... This movie made my day today ....My marks 4/5 ... #Kuttramkadithal
#KuttramKadithal 1 Neg Point..they hv shown all Brahmin characters n Neg way & all Christians in Pos Note, wh is not a actual ground reality

Abhishek .a.b Tweeted
#KutramKadithal as the name suggests its totally a natural sotry thst happens around us
well made

Vinodh Jayaraman Posted
A must watch for all the teachers &parents (beating in school not for killing to realise that wrong done by students )