Kuttram 23
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Average Ratings given by audience: 3
Director Arivazhagan has joined hands with Arun Vijay for his fourth venture Kuttram 23. He has roped in Mahima Nambiar to play the female lead in the Tamil film, which has Thambi Ramaiah, Vamsi Krishna, Aravind Akash, Vijayakumar and others in the supporting cast.

Kuttram 23 Movie Review: Bhaskaran KM has handled the cinematography, while Bhuvan Srinivasan has edited the flick. Vishal Chandrasekhar has churned out two good songs in Pori Vaithu and Thoduvaanam.

Kuttram 23 is based on a true incident recorded in Rajesh Kumar's novel, which is a medical investigative thriller. The movie will showcase technology is a double-edged sword in the field of medicine and exposes how it can be misused. Arun Vijay plays the role of an Assistant Commissioner named Vetrimaaran, a subtle and not-so-loud character.

He is a powerful and intelligent cop, who investigates one of the biggest cases of his life. The film begins with the deaths of a priest and the wife of a powerful media person. He understands the complications behind the mysterious deaths. He now has a big challenge to unravel a shocking medical crime. The case will be narrated with surprising twists and turns in two hours.

The audience have heaped praises on the artistes, who have given stellar performances. With such talented actors on board, it became easy for the director to tell the story, say cine goers. The screenplay has been well written with no forceful inclusion of songs, thus helping the story to sail smoothly without any distraction.

Arun Vijay comes out with an energetic performance. Mahima shows a lot of promise, while Arvind Akash and Vamsi Krishna have done justice to their roles of villains. The action department adds value to the movie so as other technical departments like cinematography and music, the cine-goers confess. 

Will this be a feather in his Arun Vijay's cap and bring the director closer to his dreams of working with Vijay and Ajith? Find it in the viewers' words below:

Kaushik LM‏: #Kuttram23 1st half - Set up fine, with the crimes, suspects & investigation. Very well-made. @arunvijayno1 looks superb. #VetrimaaranIPS
#Kuttram23 - The power of good source material (Rajesh Kumar crime novels) proven again. Kudos to @dirarivazhagan @arunvijayno1 for this
#Kuttram23 - @SUJAVARUNEE plays a key part in a cameo scene, which acts as the vital turnaround for the character played by Vamsi.
#Kuttram23 -Easily, the best Tamil film of the year, till date. Not to forget @Composer_Vishal's tense RR. No needless songs @arunvijayno1

Ramesh Bala‏: #Kuttram23 [3.5/5]: Crime Novelist #Rajeshkumar 's story is made into a tight screenplay by @dirarivazhagan - Dir delivers a fine thriller
#Kuttram23 [3.5/5]: BGM by @Composer_Vishal deserves a Spl mention.. DOP #KMBhaskaran gives a glossy look.. @theedittable 's editing is apt!
#Kuttram23 [3.5/5]: #MahimaNambiar is good.. #ThambiRamaiah 's humor works well.. #Abinaya has done her supporting part well..
#Kuttram23 [3.5/5]: @arunvijayno1 has carried da movie with his screen presence and perfect act as #VetrimaaranIPS - A Milestone movie 4 him
#Kuttram23 [3.5/5]: A riveting medical crime thriller.. Gets u hooked from the word go.. Tempo maintained till the end.. Technically slick..

Plumeria Movies‏: #Kuttram23 honestly delivered more than expected. It does have some genuine merit and the best thing about the movie is @arunvijayno1 .

Prashanth Rangaswamy: #Kuttram23 interval - What a Gripping screenplay ! Not bored for a minute so far !! Vishal Chandrasekar rocks !!

Ramesh Bala: #Kuttram23 : A very well made thriller.. @arunvijayno1 excels as investigative cop.. In top form.. @dirarivazhagan has delivered a winner

Rajasekar‏: #Kuttram23 gives you the high of watching a perfectly written (Rajesh Kumar, @dirarivazhagan ) + technically sound film
#Kuttram23 - Slick investigative thriller, career best of @arunvijayno1. Easily the best Tamil film of 2017 so far @dirarivazhagan