An ISIS video showed 17 Peshmerga soldiers being paraded in cages.
An ISIS video showed 17 Peshmerga soldiers being paraded in cages.Video Grab

Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani has warned Islamic State militants against harming 17 Peshmerga soldiers taken captive by the radical Sunni group.

Barzani, who was visiting the relatives of the soldiers in Kirkuk, said "will do our utmost to free them."

A BasNews report noted citing Member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Presidential Council in Kirkuk Dr Muhammad Khourshid, noted that Barzani has promised all efforts to secure the release of the soldiers.

"We will do whatever we can to free the captives. And if something happens to them or if they are killed, we will not forgive those who commit the crime nor those who are happy about it."

The visit to the Iraqi town by the autonomous region's president comes amid reports that Shiite militia groups are being deployed in Kirkuk.

The arrival of Shiite militia has been opposed by Kurds as Kurdish leaders and residents, who have been fighting the ISIS, consider the conflict-ridden Kirkuk region a part of their autonomous claim in northern Iraq.

The oil-rich region currently has become a hotbed of activity after ISIS fighters attacked the town recently and took away the 17 Peshmerga soldiers as war trophy.

An ISIS video showed the militant group parading the captured Peshmerga soldiers held captive inside a cage wearing orange jumpsuits.

Since then there have been reports that Isis is planning to burn the Peshmerga soldiers alive,  just like it did with the Jordanian pilot.

The families of the Peshmerga recently requested the Isis to release the soldiers in exchange for Islamic State fighters taken prisoners by Kurdish forces.