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The Kurdish forces, known as the Peshmerga - which were forced to withdraw from Sinjar, have now returned to flush out the Islamic State militants occupying the town.

Reports are claiming that the ministry of Peshmerga, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, has deployed the forces in the centre of Sinjar. The forces are now moving forward to take complete control of the area, according to Erbil-based Kurdish news agency BasNews.

"Only the center of Sinjar town is left to take. Most of the northern area of Sinjar is under Peshmerga control and the bodies of 50 IS insurgents are in the hands of Peshmerga forces. IS rebels left them in the area," the report quoted Peshmerga ministry spokesman Halgord Hikmat.

However, reports on Kurdish forces advancing back into Sinjar could not be verified independently.

On Sunday, the Islamic State militants carried out simultaneous attacks from three directions and took control of a large part of the town.

Islamic State Hoists Flag in Sinjar

Multiple reports suggest that the invading militants, after taking over parts of Sinjar, executed several Yazidis, a religious minority group who are misunderstood to be devil worshipers by several Muslims.

The Islamic State militants have taken control of several government buildings in Sinjar. The group has reportedly executed dozens of government officials. Reports also suggest that the militants are rounding up Yazidis.

Islamic State militants at the Sinjar border
Islamic State militants at the Sinjar border@ Nynwa_news
ISIS militant hoists flag in Sinjar
ISIS militants hoist flag in Sinjar@ Nynwa_news
ISIS militant hoists flag in Sinjar
ISIS executions in Sinjar
ISIS in Sinjar