Kurangu Bommai
Kurangu Bommai.PR Handout

Movies made by newbies have garnered more appreciation than films by stars in recent years. Many movies in the former category have sprung surprises with their content, and the 2017 release Maanagaram is one such fine example of a well-crafted product.

It has made a new addition to the growing list of gems made by young filmmakers: Kurangu Bommai.

Kurangu Bommai was shown at a special screening for selected guests and journalists in Chennai on Wednesday, August 30.

People who have already seen the film have praised the flick in unison for its focus on content. They have hailed the narrative and the performances of the key characters in the Tamil flick.

Kathir (Vidharth) is the son of Sundaram (Bharathi Raja), who works under Ekambaram (PL Thenappan), a saw-mill owner and a smuggler in Tanjore. He loves his father, but cannot stomach the fact that he is the trusted aide of a criminal.

He hates it more when an alliance for him with a girl named Viji (Delna Davis) is called off by her father.

The story takes an interesting turn when Ekambaram assigns Sundaram to deliver a smuggled idol to Sekar (Kumaravel) in Chennai. Sekar decides to cheat them and put the blame on the elderly Ekambaram.

The Rs 5-crore-worth item accidentally falls into the hands of Kathir, who is clueless about his father's involvement in the case.

Being a honest man, he decides to deliver the item to its owner. What unravels leaves the audience on the edge of their seats.

Critics have wholeheartedly praised Kurangu Bommai. "#KuranguBommai is fantastic. A punch-in-the-gut story driven by phenomenal performances, terrific writing & superb filmmaking. Go for it . [sic]" Suganth, the reviewer from The Times of India, tweeted. He added, "So far, #Maanagaram was my most favourite film of the year. Now, #KuranguBommai has emerged as a strong contender. Tough choice to make. [sic]"

Another reviewer Rajsekar posted in his two of his tweets: "Loved #KuranguBommai. After Lokesh Kanagaraj and Sri Ganesh, @Dir_Nithilan is yet another solid debutant director of 2017.Hope Tamil audience appreciate one more small gem #KuranguBommai. Glad that #ArjunReddy turns out to be a blockbuster in Tollywood"

The performances of Bharathi Raja, Vidharth and Kumaravel have won a lot of appreciation. A few critics have especially mentioned Vidharth, saying he is choosing one good script after another. Last but not the least, debutant director Nithilan has been praised for coming up with a content-driven flick.

"#KuranguBommai -@Dir_Nithilan makes an assured debut. Breaks ground with a runtime of just 106 mins. Elango Kumaravel plays a striking role, " Kaushik LM, a movie promoter and critic, tweeted.