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The rift between actor Kunchacko Boban and producers of his film "Romans" took an ugly turn when some individuals, who appear to be the actor's fans, apparently abused and threatened the producers. The response from the fans came after the producers commented against actor's move to file a case against them for not paying his remuneration.

Kunchacko had earlier filed a case against Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran, the producers of the super hit film "Romans," after the cheque they gave to the actor as remuneration bounced. The actor apparently approached them regarding the matter many times, but did not receive any response from them.

"It was me who gave the idea of 'Romans' involving priests in disguise and other fun elements, to scriptwriter Rajesh. I roped in Biju Menon for the project. You can also check with the director, scriptwriter and cinematographer about my commitment to the film. I told them to give me the money only if the film is a hit. The promotions and ads of the movie were weak and I had alerted them about it. That is the only time I had a problem with them. It's my fans who did noticeable promotions. The producers started promotions only after it became a hit. If I had wanted a share of the profit, I could have documented the demand and asked later. I have not asked for anything like profit share. As instructed by the Producers' Association, I had gone twice to discuss the issue with the producers, but they did not turn up. That is when I took the matters into my hands," (sic) said Kunchacko Boban to Times of India.

But according to producers, all the payments were made much before the release of the film. They claimed that the actor had some personal grudge against them since the shooting of "Romans" and had even thrown many tantrums in the sets of the film.

"I had paid Kunchacko ₹45 lakh via his account and he had also taken a part of the amount as cash. We had also given him ₹5 lakh TDS. Now, I am not sure which amount he is referring to. The cheque he has with him is the stock payment that I had given him even before the release. It did not bounce due to insufficient funds. He wanted us to change the editor and music director who were roped in for the project, which I objected to. He was also not sure of having Boban Samuel as the director. Even during the shoot, he tried to cut many scenes of another actor, which I did not allow. The final dispute was before the release as he was not happy with the promotions," said Arun Ghosh, one of the producer of the film to Times of India

Meanwhile, things took an ugly turn on the social media when Kunchacko's fans started commenting on the producers page. If the reports are to be believed, the producers have now decided to take a legal action against the fans and actor for threatening them.

"Romans" (2013) is a suspense comedy thriller directed by Boban Samuel, which had hit duo Kunchacko and Biju Menon in the lead. The film was scripted by Y. V. Rajesh and also had the star cast of Niveda Thomas, Lalu Alex, T.G. Ravi and Vijayaraghavan in the lead roles. The film was produced under the banner of Chand V Creations. It was well received by audience and critics alike and went on to become one of the major hits of the year.