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Kunal Kamra has once again landed in hot waters for his recent joke. Kunal poked fun at Salman Khan on his recent show. And ever since, there have been reports of Salman planning to file a defamation case against the stand-up comic. The joke involved Salman Khan being scared of PM Modi and also, poked fun at his reality show – Bigg Boss.

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Salman to take legal action?

Kamaal R Khan shared a video snippet of the roasting video that Kunal Kamra made. KRK wrote, "According to reports @BeingSalmanKhan is filing defamation case against @kunalkamra88 for abusing him. Kunal is doing only comedy So Salman shouldn't get angry. Watch the video!" Reacting to it, Kamra said that he has stopped apologising for jokes.

Kunal Kamra during one of his stand-up acts
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Kunal refuses to apologise

"I am not a flying bird or a stationary footpath and I don't apologize for jokes anymore..." he replied to KRK's tweet. There have been rumours of Salman Khan planning to sue the comedian over the jokes. However, neither him nor his team have acknowledged, confirmed or denied any such reports. Kamra, on the other hand, is not the first one to make a roasting video on Khan.

"If he (Salman Khan) sued everyone who abused him, he would be in and out of courtrooms. Over the years, Salman has come to terms with his controversial attackable image. He knows mentioning his name, especially in a derogatory context, gets attention. So no, he isn't suing this guy (Kunal Kamra)," a Zoom report quoted Salman's close buddy saying.

"His father, Salim Khan, counsels him (Salman) to ignore insults. Salim saab tells Salman they are just a way of grabbing attention," it further stated.