In "Kumkum Bhagya", Pragya and Abhi have parted ways and Tanu has entered the Mehra house. However, it seems like Tanu and Aaliya will orchestrate a plan to kill Pragya. 

While both the families, including Abhi and Pragya, are depressed about the split, Tanu is happy that her wish to marry Abhi will finally come true.

However, in the latest development in the show, Pragya finally learnt that Nikhil and not Abhi, is the real father of Tanu's unborn child.

In the upcoming episode, Pragya would find out about Aaliya's plan to ruin Abhi's life.

With this, Pragya has put her life at risk as both Tanu and Aaliya would begin considering her as a potential threat to their plans.

And, to prevent Pragya from exposing their truth to Abhi and the family, both Aaliya and Tanu will try to get rid of her.

While it is known that before reaching Abhi, Pragya would meet with an accident, it remains to be seen if Aaliya and Tanu have attempted to kill Pragya. Will Pragya be murdered?

Also, only time will tell if Abhi, unaware of Tanu's truth, will end up marrying her.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that in the upcoming episodes, real life couple Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi will appear on the show.