Kumkum Bhagya: Will Abhi die in the accident?
Kumkum Bhagya: Will Abhi die in the accident?Leena Jumani/Instagram

Looks like the makers of "Kumkum Bhagya" have finally decided to put an end to the over-stretched track of exposing Tanu (Leena Jumani), but with a twist.

According to a Telly Masala video, major drama awaits viewers in the upcoming episodes, when Pragya (Sriti Jha) reveals Tanu's truth to Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and the reason behind her sudden transformation. She also explains why she, with the help of Daadi, had to devise this plan.

The protagonist takes the drastic step as she realises she lost her sister Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur) in the course of exposing Tanu. Also, it has affected her mother Sarla, who is now paralysed.

It should be mentioned that despite several failed attempts, Pragya has not been able to find who the father of Tanu's unborn child is. She is also on a mission to prevent Abhi — who thinks he is the father — from marrying Tanu, and save her relationship with Abhi.

While viewers might think Abhi will believe Pragya's words and throw Tanu out of his life, the makers have added an interesting twist in the story. To everyone's surprise, Abhi will not believe Pragya, instead supporting Tanu for the sake of her unborn child. Abhi will also slap Pragya and accuse her of defaming Tanu.

With this, it appears Abhi and Pragya's reunion will not take place any time soon. For quite some time now, "Kumkum Bhagya" fans have been expressing their disappointment with the delay in their favourite couple Abhi-Pragya's reunion, and now the latest news could leave them further upset.

Meanwhile, a preview of upcoming episode of "Kumkum Bhagya" shows Tanu accusing Pragya of attempting to harm her as well as her unborn child. While Pragya tries to defend herself, Tanu is seen yelling at her.