In a latest development on "Kumkum Bhagya", Tanu and Aaliya plan to steal money from the house so as to meet their expenses. The money at their disposal has been cut with the entry of the bold and beautiful Pragya (Sriti Jha).

But unfortunately, Tanu gets caught red-handed by Pragya, who was tipped off about her master plan. The protagonist even slapped Tanu for her wrong doings in front of the entire family and informed the cops.

While viewers must be wondering if this is the end of Tanu's stint and Pragya has accomplished her mission of exposing Tanu and Aaliya, it seems like the makers have something completely different in mind. 

According to a Telly Masala video, in the upcoming episodes, Pragya would be shocked to find that the money has been stolen not by Tanu but by Abhi himself.

While Pragya was hoping that Tanu would be put behind the bars, on the contrary, Abhi was arrested for stealing the huge sum of money from his house.

The incident will shatter Pragya, as she will not be able to help Abhi. Fortunately, agent Raghav will come to Abhi's rescue and save him from being jailed.

With Pragya's failed attempt, it remains to be seen if she finally succeeds in exposing evil Tanu and Aaliya's truth, considering the antagonists never fail to create trouble for Pragya and always look for opportunities to throw her out of the house.