For quite some time now, "Kumkum Bhagya" has been entertaining the viewers with a perfect blend of anxiety and comedy.

From Pragya's (Sriti Jha) serious mission to expose Aaliya and Tanu's truth to the comic scenes between her and Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia), the show has managed to keep its viewers hooked to their TV sets.

According to the latest reports, after several failed attempts to expose the antagonists in the upcoming episodes, Pragya would plot a plan to provoke Aaliya to get married. Further, if Aaliya refuses to get married, she would be thrown out of the house.

"Pragya will doubt that Aaliya and Tanu are hiding some truth about Tanu's pregnancy and to find out that truth, she would provoke Aaliya, saying that it is high time that she should get married and if she does not, she will be thrown out of the house," a source told India-Forums.

According to Pragya's plan, Aaliya would seek Tanu's help in order to cancel her wedding and the duo would end up making a mistake and reveal Tanu and Nikhil's relationship in front of Abhi.

"Aaliya will take help of Tanu to postpone her marriage and this is where they will end up making a mistake. They will not only try to harm Pragya but will also end up bringing out the truth about Nikhil and Tanu's relationship," the source added.

Meanwhile, the entire family is excited to celebrate Navratri and perform a Ramleela act.

It was reported earlier that Pragya would assign different characters to the family members for the act and while doing so, Abhi would sarcastically ask her to play Ravan as she behaves like one. This would leave Pragya infuriated and to stop Abhi from taunting her further, she would end up kissing him.